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     Alevado Doo is founded in 1992 as company for manufacturing of metal products and services. From 1994 to 1998 the company main business is wholesale and retail of hardware goods. In the year 1998 the general management of the company is making decision to start with production of common nails. The start of the production is in rented facilities, while the building of the own factory is finished in 2001. From 2002 up to 2008, Alevado Doo is constantly investing in new facilities and machinery. We have successfully finished this process in 2008, and now we have production area 2500m2 for nails, low carbon steel wire (hard drawn), soft steel wire (annealed).

     We are constantly increasing our production from 180tons/year in 1998 to 5000tons/year in 2011. With the increasing of the production there is growing need of the qaulified employees. Alevado Doo has started with only 3 employees in 1992 and now we have 75 employees.

     Our products are available in every city in Macedonia with our own distribution. 30% of our production is sold on the domestic market and we are exporting 70% of our production in Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzcegovina, Slovenia and Croatia.